Nov 24, 2008

Dream a little Dream

I haven't dreamed much since moving to my new place, but I had a couple this weekend.

I dreamed that i was working on the docks and this crazy ghost freight ship rolled in with no crew. I remember being creeped out because i had just seen some thing about a missing freighter and the numbers on it matched up. then i woke up.

I dreamed that I found out that my friend's ex had done porn. (in real life she's totally not like that) I was tripping out but everyone knew but me. and no on thought it was a big deal. it was weird. my friend was like "yea, she's been known to take of her clothes for the media" I was like, "full-on penetration porn or just like a topless calendar?" then another friend of hers was like, we have a few of her movies you wanna see? then i woke up.

I dreamed that I was at my parents house and my old friend i used to be in a band with showed up. He had his guitar and shit so I was like "hey i have my drums in my car outside lets jam!" but when I went out there, my car was turned sideways halfway down the driveway. and the side sliding door (which my Xb doesnt have) was torn right off and laying on the ground. also the front passenger seat was ripped out and on the ground too. but worst of all, my drums were gone! I was devastated and I woke up all pissed off.

anyway, not too wild but I guess I'm finally getting some good sleep. or not.

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My Way said...

Too bad you didn't get to see the porn.....