Nov 7, 2008

This is how I rule the world

That phrase was stuck in my head for some reason.

Ghost Hunters was kinda nuts. I DVR'd a few episodes I hadn't seen. They're sitting there and after they say "do something, move something, make a noise to let us know youre here" you hear something hit the ground. then they see that a clothes hanger somehow got from the closet rack, to the floor by them. So they put it back and wait.. this time you see the clothes hanger fly across the room and land by one of the guys. CRAZY!

Then in another episode some store owners think that the spirit of a former employee and family friend named Jean is haunting the store. So during EVP (electronic voice phenominon) sessions, where they ask questions and hope to get voices, they couldnt hear, on the recording, they kept asking, for and about Jean, by name. they got 3 EVP's in a deep creepy voice.

one said "Dont be scared" another said "there is no Jean here" and the last one said "please leave us alone" CREEPY!! I got chills as I was watching it.

anyway.. here's some photo friday goodness.

hey, yea also, we got a new president. I made a comic.

propaganda rules.

check out my friend Marisa's blog. its bananas.

Skateboard Socks! I designed their new logo so they sent me some. perfect for skateboard paintings

P B Jeezy

goofing around with trucks and wheels

company had a halloween pot luck/costume contest.. pfft thanks for letting me know.
Trevor had an authentic Saudi get-up he got when he went there. propers

home made indian. Trader Joes helped.

this isnt the shroud of torin. its a quick self portrait i did on the back of a bookshelf. it's in white so I inverted the colors.
I carved this on halloween night.

aight then. have a weekend.


Anonymous said...

woo hoo!

My Way said...

U R Frickin talented!