Nov 10, 2008

Lafayette Reservoir

OK fuck this place. Meg woke me up saturday and wanted to hike/walk Black Diamond Trails since its by my new house.. but it wasn't open yet.

We'd heard from hella people that the Lafayette Reservoir was the cats pajamas so we decided to huck out there for a morning nature walk.

we get there and its a fucking pay-to-get-in ($6) gated fucking park. so we put an hour's worth of quarters ($1) into the meter and park in the metered parking. The place was packed at 8am on a Saturday. We get down to the trail and its a fucking 2 lane paved people road. Not what I want for a nature walk.
i'm sure "similar conveyances" implies skateboards and segways but i find it interesting/refreshing they dont pick on us specifically.

wait, oh shit i just read the fine print.. assholes!

what's extra lame is that theres actually exceptions and times allowed for the giant X'd out stuff.

I hate Lafayette.

Then we got uppity upper middle class Lafayettite housewives within earshot in front of us yacking about something innocuous, and slightly racist... and two paces behind us, the 20-years-later versions of the cunts in front of us.

we finally pass them and come up onto a playground for kids.. with 2 miles of painted off section of path marked as "Stroller Parking" make me fucking puke.. these housewives this place attracts must be baby machines too. Packed into their BMW SUV's.

The place was nice but all the reminders of suburban life were way too present to let me enjoy the wild birds, deer and flocks of Canadian geese we saw.

Then, just when I thought the 14th pure breed dog being walked by their designer track suit owner wasnt enough, I saw what I initially thought was some kind of large wild fruit.. but as I got closer I saw that it was mother fucking Christmas ornaments.

I'm already pissed that christmas is a commercialized piece of shit, and then, In a fucking public regional park, maintained by tax dollars, I get reminded that it starts the day after Halloween.

screw this place. I'll take snake road in tinez any day.


Heather said...

You know there is an upper trail that you can take that is not paved :o) Thank god you're anti-kid, the world doesn't need another pessimist.

Anonymous said...

geez, i actually considered going there this weekend! I'm glad i didn't! .... jerks!

My Way said...

Say "Fuck" just one more time. I don't think you said it enough times in this blog.