Nov 14, 2008

It's not funny, my ass is on fire...

Hey, its friday. some dude was in line behind me at mcdiesel this morning hella drunk or high or something. he kept mumbling shit like "though dis was fast food... what be takin so long" then he burped, then he burped again wich turned into a rendition of the Jeffersons theme song. Buuooooorr-ouvin' on up ... Movin on u-up to the eeezt syde." then he bitched some more, then he recited the whole first 2 verses. Even tho he was behind me in line, he got his food right away, which i think was to get rid of him faster. while I waited I could hear him in the back of the place yelling and being hella loud. Moovin on uuup!

so yea, here's this week's visual regurgitation.

waiting for meg at bart, in the dark with a sharpie


roots, theone on the left tasted like Vicks Vapo-rub.


rapping turkey

top secret OMA art.

\/click for big /\

this was on a tote bag.. it's a Deutsche Bag! lol

this bunny shits on my lawn.

home-made, by me


ok, so when the Bell, introduced the new value menu, 79-89-99 they had a ton of great deals. but now, as the popularity of certain items increases, they move these off the value menu and charge more for them. It's totally fucked. Now Taco bell costs me $12. But what is really irritating is that the 79 cent menu, the one they're touting here on the drive thru window, now consists of 2 things. a cheese wrap and a cinnimon twists. seriously? lame.

That's why I go to Winnco! they have "Savin' on lock, 24-7.

ok that's it, dont flush your cat litter. spay and neuter your pets, dont chew tin foil, dont fy bacon naked.

have a gread day!


Anonymous said...

Ok, first things first, STEAL THAT BUNNY FOR ME!!!


Also, paraplegic inhuman liar.

AND, your word verification is "comato." Sounds delicious.

Anonymous said...

whoa! you have wild bunnies in your hood?! that's awesome!