Jun 9, 2009

And The Crunch Berries taste like Crunch Berries!!

REALLY? ? I saw this on the news and was so friggin' pissed. really? Are people really that dumb? Wait, what am I saying? of course they are!

I hate people.

Judge Throws Out Suit Against Cap'n Crunch

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) ― Cap'n Crunch Crunchberry cereal is in a legal crunch.

A lawsuit filed by a California woman claims the cereal falsely advertises it has berries. There are no real berries in the kid's sugar cereal. A local attorney says he believes the case has merit.

"Call it Cap'n crunch with sugar balls. Let consumers know what it is ahead of time," said Jeffery Kravits, Sacramento attorney.

A judge dismissed the case last week, but the decision is being appealed.

Good for you judge. I hope you really made her feel extra stupid.

Shit like this is the reason that commercials for toys have obvious disclaimers like "does not actually fly, talk, do magic, etc".

Pictured above is my interpretation of the new Cap'n Crunch with Crunch Berries box, as proposed by the lawyers. Also I'd like to note that Cap'n Crunch never was and never will be a real sea captain in any capacity.


Lauren said...

Wow. Just...wow.

Moderator said...

Oh man I sincerely hope this case doesn't get to proceed further! Seriously, it's like our constitutional rights.... if Captain Crunch loses then what's next? We're talking about crunberries here. Crunch berries! Do we live in Dragon Land or something where we actually have a plant producing "crunch berries" so misconstruing them for a real fruit is even plausible!? I am all for those who fight the man, rawk on, but people like this are the reason we have to fight the man in the first place.