Jun 8, 2009

oops! photo monday!

sorry guys, I'm preoccupied by being an unemployed loser. My art show went great! Thanks to everyone that showed up! Pics of art and other crap someone else who remembered to take pics took pics of coming soon.

for now, this.

a couple of pics Jer took at the show at Spoontonic.


pics of stuff

the Longs in Pitt. is hella old school. it reminds me of the old Thrifty in Martinez.


arty freshly painted\

eye of raccoon!

stencils before i painted it

ok that's all thanks for playing "Running Man"

if you know anyone hiring someone who can do 2D drafting using Ashlar Vellum/Graphite or 3D modeling using AutoDesk Inventor. Or someone very skilled in photoshop and other graphic & art type software. Anything I dont know I learn fast.

Unemployment blows.

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