Jun 11, 2009

Happy 6-11!!

I almost forgot, its 6-11... Happy 611 Todd, Jeff, Drew and everyone else that knows whats up.

Some of you may have noticed that almost every screen name I use has "611" in it somewhere. for the rest of you sorry, this post is going to be lame. Everytime I see 611 somewhere I notice it... When its 6:11 I nod to myself and feel like its going to be a good day after that. I know its stupid and superstitious but its just one of those things you do when you have a "number" ... read more

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Moderator said...

Number 8 has always been my favorite, it's comfy. First of all it's even, odd numbers make my brain hurt. And when I was like seven my Dad was betting on a horse race, I told him to bet on number eight. It was named Sunshine and I liked the name. He didn't listen to me. It ended up winning. They never listen to me, they never do.