Jun 26, 2009


If you haven't heard, King of Pop Micheal Jackson died yesterday, I heard the whole thing blow by blow on KGO yesterday. He's kind of been dead to me for a while now but he did make some rad music. And without him we'd have no Weird Al.


here's your Friday visual hand job.

some things shouldnt be gummy

rad 57 chevy wagon.

"there is a rat on the premises"

stinkus in martinez

more martinez

backyard art.

new font!

steve sent me this one. pretty rad.

and I'll leave you with this classic from the kirkchives in honor of Wacko Jacko.
oh yea Farrah and Ed died too. no one cares now tho because of MJ.


Moderator said...

Love the Blog the Impaler graphic. hell yeah

The Spectator said...

Dude, How goes the job search?

Moderator said...

LMAO I just got the neverland ranch thing. Sick. he he