Jun 25, 2009

P.O.S., tells it like it is.

its not often i come across a hip hop artist, who is a true artist and gets what it means to be original. P.O.S. gets it. Some of his sentiments in this article, are almost word-for-word what i've been saying for years.

here's some P.O.S. -Drumroll (we're all thirsty)


V said...

Wandered onto your blog through the Pee Pants Script (love it, btw). Gave me lots of shits and giggles, not sure I've heard frm anyone who thinks about fast food cuisine quite so much. Keep posting your random pics and thoughts on the web so all us wierd internet-hoors can read it and laugh (or ponder over your LOST theories).

Kirk said...

Thanks mysterious V!