Aug 1, 2014

Awesome. a poem by Kirk Shelton

I got my girlfriend a new Toshiba laptop for xmas from Staples. 

She was too busy with her job at the time to set it up. 
Finally in March she decides to use it for work. 
The one thing she absolutely needed it for was to play DVDs for work. 
Reason for buying new laptop for her was because her 6 year old Dell laptop DVD player stopped working. 
The irony, first time she tries to play a DVD the drive will not read any disks.  


Not a CD, not a DVD, not a data disc, nothing. Device manager says everything is fine. 

I try to troubleshoot via the internet but since it's brand new nothing really seems to apply. 
I purchased the Staples coverage so I took it back there.  
I was passed the 14 day return period and they said since it was not working when I got it I had to call Toshiba.


Thanks Staples, thanks for absolutely nothing. 

So I put it in a drawer until yesterday because we have both been busy. 
I called Toshiba who must be an Indian company, and they said they have to troubleshoot it over the phone to determine if its software or hardware. 

But my free phone support period has ended and that this phone call was going to cost me $30.  


So we determine that it's hardware.

He then asks me if the computer has been dropped.  
Sure as hell not by me. 
He says that if it's determined that the damage was caused by accident or misuse or improper handling that I'd be responsible for the cost of the repair and diagnostic. 


Whatever, so I go ahead with the WARRANTY repair claim. 

I find out that it's going to cost me another $30 to ship it to them to repair it. 


So far this "warranty" has cost me close to $100 and I'm still not confident that it will be repaired or that I wont have to give them more money. 


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