Sep 27, 2014

Ello, is it G you're looking for?
In the wake of the recent Facebook Messenger debacle I've noticed many of my FB friends enthusiastically sharing Ello invites. Ello is what was introduced to me as a "way off facebook" a new alternative to Facebook.  
"Ello's minimal design puts emphasis on high-quality content, and makes it easy to connect with the people you really care about. Ello does not allow paid ads, and will never sell user data to third parties."
There's nothing wrong with this approach but this kind of already exists with a social networking platform you're probably already signed up for. 

"You'll find @ello, a curated collection of some of our favorite posts from the Ello community, in NOISE.
As you DISCOVER new people, follow them in either FRIENDS or NOISENobody but you will know where you've put them."
 As I read the above description I kept thinking "Dude, this is Google Plus"  The whole idea with G+ was to allow you to put people in different circles. They're even using circular profile pics for fuck's sake. Friends, Noise, or whatever else you wanted. and nobody knew what circle they are in.  The popular thing was to hate Google Plus when it came out for some reason, so now that Ello is something new, even tho it's taking most of it's core elements straight from Google Plus, for some reason, now that It's hip to hate Facebook, the G+ haters are piling onto this Ello bandwagon. 

But do we really even need another social network?  Right now Facebook and Google Plus both have their advantages. I really don't need G+ to replace FB, or ello at all for that matter. For me Facebook is for keeping up with people I know. G+ is for finding new people and being entertained /educated. I can follow very specific circles of people in a common topic. 

The thing that really grinds my gears is that if these people I am friends with on Facebook, the people I know from my real life, actually used google plus, I could filter my stream for just friends /family circles and turn off the other stuff and basically replace Facebook, but that will never happen. Nor does it need to happen because I dont hate Facebook.  

People are looking for an alternative to Facebook with ‪#‎ello‬ but most of them probably are signing up with Ello with a Gmail account which means they already have a Google Plus account, they just never took the time to learn to use it.

On the other hand, if you're joining Ello for more than just "Facebook sucks now" it does have some interesting aspects regarding security, privacy and anonymity that are worth looking into.  Pointed out fairly well in this Money.CNN piece here.  

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