Sep 28, 2014

WTF is up with Vaping?

Let me start by saying I'm writing this looking at it from a completely ignorant, outside perspective.

 I just keep thinking that these vaporizer pens look like something really cheesy you'd see in a sci-fi movie about the future that was made in the 70's with people sucking on electronic pipe contraptions that seemed way too big and goofy looking to be an accurate portrayal of the future... yet here we are. 

kind of looks like a sonic screwdriver 

Lately I've been seeing people all over the place with what are referred to as "vape pens" and they seem to be getting bigger and more conspicuous.  When e-cigs first came out they were small, and tried to look less conspicuous. But now they're getting bigger and bigger and more like giant contraptions. Maybe they're more effective than the small E-cig ones. I have no idea, I think it's dumb. ... Better than real second hand smoke I guess. And if you're using an inconspicuous e-cig to wean yourself off of cancer sticks then that's cool I guess but it's sort of going in another direction.

Here's Katy Perry being cool as shit on
a penguin's dick.
Vape/vaping has become a thing now and not something you explain away with "oh yea, I'm quitting smoking... it's just water vapor"  It's almost become like a fashion statement or some kind of hip trend that you can participate in.  There's a part of this that seems to be a new branch of the pot-smoker, 420, burnout culture that's oh-so-prevalent here in Humboldt County...which adds that extra annoying factor.

 I've even seen people that have never smoked anything sucking on these things.  Fuck, the whole idea that "vaping" is even a word pisses me off.

I hate it. Stop it now, you look dumb.

oh yea..... and then theres this retarded cunt being one of the main spokespeople for it.  

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