Sep 16, 2014

Public Ranchero!

I'm part of a few private groups on Facebook. If you're on the book and you're sick of the same old bullshit posts from your supposed friends, you should look into groups for different topics and  interests. It makes Facebooking way more interesting.  In private groups I can post stuff that I might not otherwise want to share publicly, but I think it's making me more shy about posting things I used to post all the time without hesitation. so here. I almost spared you all this post but I'm feeling sharey today.

I wanted to tell the people of a group that shares gross things that I almost shit my pants  last night.  We went out for dinner. Rita's Margaritas is a family favorite. This time I opted for  the Ranchero Burrito.  It was delicioso but it wanted out of the ranch halfway home.  Ran up to the house, unlocked the door and slammed it closed behind me without even thinking about it, locking Meg and Celeste out of the house while I had explosive shits.  I almost shit on the floor as I pulled down my pants to sit on the toilet.

As most of you know, this isnt the first time I've posted something like this ...


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