Sep 16, 2014

Fuck You Humboldt Royalty

So there's certain customers at work that demand attention.  The other day this old woman butted into my coworker's conversation with another customer "excuse me arent you going to help me?"  He told her in just a moment because he was still helping the other guy. The man was cool and had basically been helped so he told my coworker to go ahead and assist the clearly bitchy old lady.

She had questions about light fixtures. As he was helping her I needed to ask him a quick technical question about something he was well versed in for my customer. He answered it and continued to explain it in more detail to my customer to which the old woman looked up to me in a shitty tone through her oversized dark sunglasses and said "Well thanks a lot"  in not so many words saying "I had to be a total cunt to get him to leave his customer and help me now you go and take him away? I'm NEVER going to get any help!"  Ugg.  So I explain to her that I can easily help with her light questions.  She was all flustered and it ended up that we didnt have exactly what she wanted. So now, since she was a total fucker It's my fault we didn't have what she wanted.

I blew it off as just another stupid rude customer but after she left another coworker of mine from a different department said "Do you know who that was?"   I was like "a rude old cunt?"   She informed me that she was  Mrs.So-In-So from the famous whatever well known Humboldt establishment.  Apparently she's somebody in this town and she knows it because she comes in here throwing her weight around expecting everyone to kiss her wrinkly old ass.

There's quite a few of these jerks who come into the store expecting preferential treatment.  Fucking Humboldt royalty who think they should be treated as such. 

Look motherfucker, I've lived here just over a year, I don't know you from an ass in the ground. I get paid shit and these floors are concrete.  You want service? Get in line behind everyone else. No one is special.  If you're a dick about it expect to wait longer. If you're actually cool I might even put you first in line. Not because you have some kind of self perceived entitlement based on your name but for being a decent human being who understands that they're in a god damned hardware store.  

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