Sep 7, 2014

O Movies I Just Watched

Some more short, to the point movie reviews for movies that came out last year.

Not a bad sci-fi flick.  Although I hate Tom Cruise. and Morgan Freeman who's in everything now found a way to be it for like 20 seconds despite him being the other big actor shown in the trailers.
Overall, its an interesting for-the-most-part original sci-fi movie with decent, not over the top action with a not too overbearing obligatory love story.

I get off on post apocalyptic visions of the future. This movie was set in like 50 years after a major future war.  Desert wastelands with tops of skyscrapers poking out. yeeeee

I give it 6 unpopped kernels.

Pretty good horror flick. Points for not being a "found footage" movie. Points for a somewhat original engaging plot and villain. Points for a pretty well written ending that sets up more movies.  I unfortunately forsee the next movie if it gets made actually being a found footage movie tho. There's a ton of home-made footage to be found from the first movie that I'm sure they'll somehow spin into the next one.

Bonus points for Amy Pond being in it.

It's about a haunted old mirror. As with most horror movies, and I've said this 100 times before, the entire bulk of the plot could be avoided by making better decisions, or one major one early on.  All they had to do was break the fucking thing but noooooooooooooooooooooo.   I swear I cant watch a scary movie these days without being disappointed with lack of logic and common sense with the main characters.

I give it 7 unpopped kernels.

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