Sep 28, 2007

Friday. dang.

So tried that new Pro Health toothpaste. At first it tastes like regular minty toothpaste. then for some reason, i dont know if its a chemical reaction or something, it starts to taste like i'm brushing my teeth with stinky turds. maybe its just me.

oh and my wrist isnt broken its sprained. i hate my doctor.

here's some photos of stuff. lets start with some beaver.

boredom abounds

the vett is totally going to win

justin shot this on fingertight's first LA trip. just on the fly.

my floor board in my car.

meg took this after i totally passed out the other night. nice crack!!

boob wipes!

fun with a fly eye toy thing

the end of an era. Justin cried.

this is my 1967 fucking doctor's office.

and the escape route. i should send this to

ok shit faces have a great weekend.
PS: i updated the stuff, added new decks and changed the myspace page

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Sep 25, 2007

Go Stupid!

ugh, whoever thought this was a good idea probably invented wearing your pants literally down to your knees and then an extra long T-shirt to make up the difference.

"go stupid, go stupid"

day shood gost ryd da ambalance wit homie insid

Kirk Art 1992-1994

I was going through some shit in the attic of my parents house and came across a stack of my old sketchbooks from High School. I snapped some pics of some notable drawings for you all to see how i've progressed (or regressed in some cases)

Kirk drawings. 1992-1994
(click thumbs for bigger image)