Sep 7, 2007

"Mom, there's blood in my BM"

Name what movie that quote is from!

I'm tuxedo man again tomorrow. My friends Danielle and Harlow are tying the knot. congrats to them.

here's some pictures of nothing.

this damn painting is getting way more love than i ever expected. thanks.

nice one tree service guys. someone cant walk so that you can hold open your piece of shit tailgate.

Let the DVD draw for you? what the fuck kind of suck-ass Pictionary is this? isn't the whole point of it drawing pictures? and kids fucking love drawing. fuck you art haters!!!!!

this dude was keeping it real, rocking a walkman. he had his tapes all laid out on the chair next to him.
cant see it here but there were a shit load of windchimes and trinkets hanging in the back of this car. before this i saw 2 cars with "GOD IS AWESOME" bumper stickers and one with a license plate that said "GOD NO1" i wasnt able to get pics of them tho cuz i was driving. man, i wish my brain had a camera in it i could download pictures from. I can guarantee that photo friday would be like 3 times better.

here's a hint for the movie quote

ok have a great weekend fuckfaces.

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