Sep 20, 2007

street condoms

When i walk to get coffee in the morning i've been noticing a lot of opened condom wrappers and what appears to be used condoms up and down the sidewalk. At first I just assumed it was just someone leaving them around as a prank or something. The other day all the puzzle pieces fit in my head. DUH.. its the hookers from a block down on San Pablo Ave!

They must pick up johns on the main drag and then pull over in the wee hours on the side streets. Which just so happen to be on the route i take to starbucks! Man i bet 66th st. is the happenin' place to be late at night.

Remember this hooker pic i posted a while back? It all makes sense now!

speaking of bad neighbors.. check out this google maps driven site that lets you post where you are and all about your rotten neighbors!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

wow, that's icky.. watch that puddle you're steppin' in.

RottenNeighbor is freakin' hilarious, I love it!