Sep 24, 2007

OJ Simpson broke my wrist

i'm typing this with one hand because my right wrist, i think, may be fractured.

i wasn't even doing anything. just rolling down onto the flat and hit a god damned little ass rock and ate shit .. thanks to the fucking geniuses at the City of Martinez that thought having gravel all around a skate park would be a good idea.

There isnt supposed to be rocks and debris in a skate park. They paid contractors to painstakingly make sure the concrete is extremely smooth but then negligently put gravel all around it.

Because of foot traffic and bikes. It's mostly bikes. Bikes arent supposed to use the SKATE park but do. When they ride through the gravel little rocks get stuck in their tires and then come loose while they ride in the skate park.

you dont see the little pebbles then your wheel hits it and stops you instantly. then you go flying.

i think i might write the city because this has been a problem for a while. if i get a cast i'll go to a city council meeting and be like... "look what you did you fucks"
i should also wear a neck brace for good measure

i broke my wrist on a bike in like 11th grade and i think i may have refractured it. it doesn't hurt as bad as it did back then tho which might be a good sign. i remember icing it and wrapping ace bandages on it while watching the OJ slow speed chase

my wrists work fine!

OJ in trouble = kirk getting hurt. damn you OJ! next time i break a bone i should call the authorities and have them check out OJ.

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Anonymous said...

Sue them bitches! Sue them for everything they got, and then build a pebble-free skate park in your back yard...