Sep 6, 2007

broken deck art

People have brought me broken skateboards to paint on. Either found in the trash near skate parks or given to me by people who skate way better than me. And then I paint on them. I'ts a pretty cool medium to paint on in that it has a built in unique texture. Here's pics of some broken deck paintings. Some of these you've seen and some of them I just finished.

as always, click pictures for a larger version.
Pancake Plays the Banjo

Escape of the Hungry Thumb (sold)

I Drive a Hybrid---------------------------Ipsemet(self portrait)-------------------------The Fuzz

I have a few more unpainted and some more on the way. I'd like to one day do a show of just all broken decks. who knows. I think i just wanted an excuse to write a blog and show you the Police Officer I just finished. I'm not sure its finished but Meg says I should leave it like it is.

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