Sep 21, 2007

Friday! sucks to be Peru.

hey, so yea I heard on the radio that a meteor came barreling from space and crashed into a town in Peru. left a huge ass hole like 8 meters deep. but thats not the weird part. The people of the town started to get sick... but it gets even more like the beginning of a Sci-Fi movie than that. now... people are even starting to die from this mysterious space sickness! what the eff?
read more: Meteorite Causes Illness in Peru

ok, at this point you can just be happy you dont live in Peru. If you do live in Peru.. hey rad someone from fucking Peru reads my blog. ...and stay away from the space rock.

scary. If we've learned anything from the movies, that shit will be going worldwide within the week. and guess who was first to step in and "help" thats right, the USA.
by help, i mean cover-up. i'm sure this will go down in UFO lore as another case where the US govt. is covering up proof of aliens

here's some fucking pictures.

yellow my ass

ELVIS SIGHTING at Starbucks!!


Koolaid Kid says... have a rad weekend. OH YEAH!!!


Anonymous said...

DONKEYLIPS!!! I miss Salute Your Shorts!

Anonymous said...

That Peru shit is like Creepshow (the movie). Stephen King touches that meteorite on his farm and starts growing some weird ass moss all over.