Jun 26, 2009


If you haven't heard, King of Pop Micheal Jackson died yesterday, I heard the whole thing blow by blow on KGO yesterday. He's kind of been dead to me for a while now but he did make some rad music. And without him we'd have no Weird Al.


here's your Friday visual hand job.

some things shouldnt be gummy

rad 57 chevy wagon.

"there is a rat on the premises"

stinkus in martinez

more martinez

backyard art.

new font!

steve sent me this one. pretty rad.

and I'll leave you with this classic from the kirkchives in honor of Wacko Jacko.
oh yea Farrah and Ed died too. no one cares now tho because of MJ.

Jun 25, 2009

P.O.S., tells it like it is.

its not often i come across a hip hop artist, who is a true artist and gets what it means to be original. P.O.S. gets it. Some of his sentiments in this article, are almost word-for-word what i've been saying for years.

here's some P.O.S. -Drumroll (we're all thirsty)

Jun 22, 2009

Full Deck: A Short History of Skate Art

I will have some of my gallery decks, decks I've done art for and hand painted decks at this along with art and decks from collections of friends of mine. Read the names and events going on, it's gonna be a big deal.

Full Deck: A Short History of Skate Art
July 5 - Septmeber 13, 2009

Full Deck presents an anthology of skate-art from the 1960’s to the present. The skate artist’s aesthetic—raw, passionate and personal—is energized by a devotion to the act of skating and a DIY embrace of skate culture.

Since the first graphic was drawn onto a board, the culture of skateboarding has grown hand in hand with visual arts movements such as the Mission School (Barry McGee, Chris Johanson) and graffiti art. The skate culture’s embrace of individual style, approach and intention is, I think, what continues to draw new skaters to this renegade art practice—a hybrid in a realm of its own. And like the inclusive surf community, skaters and skate artists span several generations.

The multi-media skate art community fosters the highly unique mix of painting, graphics, photography, filmmaking, music, stickers, magazines and clothing—the ever-growing creative by-products stemming from this alternative and popular mode of transportation. The colorful graphic paintings on the bottom of a skateboard are one of the purest forms of self-expression: highly personal and mostly created without artistic boundaries—just like skateboarding itself.

Carrie Lederer, Curator of Exhibitions & Programs

Featured Artists
James Barsness • Tiffany Bozic • Todd Bratrud • Steve Caballero • Sean Cliver • Lori Damiano • Corey Duffel • Phil Eggleston • Skip Engblom • Jeremy Fish • Todd Francis • Mike Giant • Mahtab Habibian • Damien Hirst • Faye Jaime • Ian Johnson • Bryce Kanights • Obi Kaufman • Mike Kershnar • Billy Kroft • Tom Ledin • Amanda Lynn • Holly Lyons • Chris Main • Gwen Manfrin • Marilyn Minter • Johnny Mojo • Takashi Murakami • Pushead • Matt Ritchie • Jenny Schmid • Kirk Shelton • Deth P Sun • Winston Tseng • Jake Watling • Derek Weisberg • Christopher Wool • Tobin Yelland

From the Collections of
Mark Aviles • Sam Cunningham • Marc D'Estout • Skip Engblom • Cari Herod • Myche Howe • Ian Johnson • Ryan Maddox • Chris Main • Steven Muegge • Eric Olsen • Jason Strubing • Ann Trinca • Gwynne Vitello • Tony Vitello • Mark Whiteley • Dan Worden • Catherine Clark Gallery • Consolidated • Element • Enjoi • Foundation • Playgrounded • Santa Cruz Skateboards • Santa Monica Airlines Skateboards • Skateworks • SLAP • Streetcorner • Thrasher • Toy Machine • Western Edition Skateboards

Tobin Yelland, Mikey Reyes, 24th/Mission, San Francisco

special events

Opening Reception/Book Signing
Thursday, July 9, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Admission: $5

Meet Sean Cliver, author of Disposable: A History of Skateboard Art and The Disposable Skateboard Bible, and other skate culture celebs. Refreshments provided by the Bedford Gallery Guild. Free for LCA members and exhibition artists + 1.

Bg Skate Day
Saturday, August 15, 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Free Admission

Art activities in the gallery from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., followed by a pro skate demo from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Culture + Cocktails
Thursday, September 10, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Admission: $7

Enjoy skate films and live music while you sip. 21 and over only. RSVP required. 925/295-1423.

Jun 19, 2009

Finally Foto Friday.

Life sucks right now. AND it's hot out. If anyone knows of anyone that's hiring....

here's some of this.

grip jobs
my dad's ride
fat ass royalty check!

Jun 15, 2009

Doubt its original...

So I got some new Netflixes to watch last week. I watched Mall Cop and Doubt. Here's my reviews.

Lets start with Mall Cop. It was funny but not memorable. "hey Rick Thorne and Mike Vallely" that was about it. Also have to mention the lack of advertised funny Indian character from the previews. He's in it like twice.

Now onto Doubt. here's the description off IMBD:
"Set in 1964, Doubt centers on a nun who confronts a priest after suspecting him of abusing a black student. He denies the charges, and much of the play's quick-fire dialogue tackles themes of religion, morality, and authority."

that's fine and all but there was a movie, that coincidentally I caught on Turner Classic Movies just last weekend called The Children's Hour (1961) with Audrey Hepburn and a saucy young Shirley MacLaine.
IMDB: "Best friends are headmistresses at a successful private school for girls...a spiteful, angry child tells her grandmother [she saw the headmistresses doing "unnatural" things with each other at night] and the Grandma believes her...The word quickly spreads and within days Karen and Martha are faced with empty classrooms. Joe is fired from his job for siding with the teachers. The teachers sue for slander in a case that makes national headlines.

It's not exact but its similar enough. an unfounded accusation that turns people's lives upside down. See also; Atonement.

Why cant anyone write a damn original story?

Jun 12, 2009

Photo Friday

Shit, I forgot again. Sorry I was outside today. Deal with it.

I'm going to a wedding in Lodi tomorrow. Jealous?

Congrats to S & J. Lodi. wtf?

Jun 11, 2009

Happy 6-11!!

I almost forgot, its 6-11... Happy 611 Todd, Jeff, Drew and everyone else that knows whats up.

Some of you may have noticed that almost every screen name I use has "611" in it somewhere. for the rest of you sorry, this post is going to be lame. Everytime I see 611 somewhere I notice it... When its 6:11 I nod to myself and feel like its going to be a good day after that. I know its stupid and superstitious but its just one of those things you do when you have a "number" ... read more

Jun 9, 2009

And The Crunch Berries taste like Crunch Berries!!

REALLY? ? I saw this on the news and was so friggin' pissed. really? Are people really that dumb? Wait, what am I saying? of course they are!

I hate people.

Judge Throws Out Suit Against Cap'n Crunch

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) ― Cap'n Crunch Crunchberry cereal is in a legal crunch.

A lawsuit filed by a California woman claims the cereal falsely advertises it has berries. There are no real berries in the kid's sugar cereal. A local attorney says he believes the case has merit.

"Call it Cap'n crunch with sugar balls. Let consumers know what it is ahead of time," said Jeffery Kravits, Sacramento attorney.

A judge dismissed the case last week, but the decision is being appealed.

Good for you judge. I hope you really made her feel extra stupid.

Shit like this is the reason that commercials for toys have obvious disclaimers like "does not actually fly, talk, do magic, etc".

Pictured above is my interpretation of the new Cap'n Crunch with Crunch Berries box, as proposed by the lawyers. Also I'd like to note that Cap'n Crunch never was and never will be a real sea captain in any capacity.

Jun 8, 2009

oops! photo monday!

sorry guys, I'm preoccupied by being an unemployed loser. My art show went great! Thanks to everyone that showed up! Pics of art and other crap someone else who remembered to take pics took pics of coming soon.

for now, this.

a couple of pics Jer took at the show at Spoontonic.


pics of stuff

the Longs in Pitt. is hella old school. it reminds me of the old Thrifty in Martinez.


arty freshly painted\

eye of raccoon!

stencils before i painted it

ok that's all thanks for playing "Running Man"

if you know anyone hiring someone who can do 2D drafting using Ashlar Vellum/Graphite or 3D modeling using AutoDesk Inventor. Or someone very skilled in photoshop and other graphic & art type software. Anything I dont know I learn fast.

Unemployment blows.