May 13, 2008

The Story of 611

Many people have a special number they relate to for whatever reason, a favorite number or some lucky number you've picked some point in your life. Well, mine is 611.

Some of you may have noticed that almost every screen name I use has "611" in it somewhere. for the rest of you sorry, this post is going to be lame. Everytime I see 611 somewhere I notice it... When its 6:11 I nod to myself and feel like its going to be a good day after that. I know its stupid and superstitious but its just one of those things you do when you have a "number" .

I'm not the only one with this number tho. Me and three other people share this number and we share it for the same reason. If anyone ever wondered what the reason for my obsession with "611" here's the story.

Back in high school I was in my first band with my friends Todd, Jeff and Drew. We were called Deception. Perfect name for a mid 90's thrash band. I thought we were pretty good despite never making it out of Todds garage.

One night in the garage we were working on a new song. We were really on a roll and didnt want to stop but Drew had to be at work or somewhere at 7:00. We checked the 70's style clock radio with flip numbers. We made note that it was just passed 6:00 and we had plenty of time. So we kept rocking and periodically checking the time. We finished the song and were trying to come up with a name then checked the clock again. It read 6 minutes and 11 seconds. We were all kinda stunned.. How was it still only just after 6:00? we'd surly been jamming longer than that. So we went upstairs and sure enough it was 7:30! We checked the clock to see if it was plugged in and it was. Being teenagers we thought we got stuck in some kind of time warp...We all pondered and freaked out a litte and all decided simultaniously that the song would be called 6:11.

Ever since that night the four of us have made note of 6:11. If we were together we'd high five or something lame "dude, its 6:11" and for a while we would celebrate June 11th. I think Todd might have actually gotten married on 6-11.
His phone number for a long time was *** - 6110, many of my passwords have 611 in them somewhere.

For a while Drew lived in Rodeo and we'd see this sign coming back from his place and trip out every time. "dude this means something"

It's just one of those things that's sort of stuck with all of us despite going our separate ways over the years.


If you have a number, feel free to share it, and its origin with the noggins in the Comments!
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