Jul 14, 2009

ATMs and Chicken

Hi. So, ATMs. I'd guess that 90% of people going to ATM's are using it to get $20 or $40 out of their checking. And, I'll guess that 90% of Spanish speaking ATM users know that the blank field means enter you pin number and that the green button means "ENTER". So here's my idea, make the first screen the enter your pin screen. make the enter button in spanish and english and people can just push the one they understand and continue in their respective languages. Skipping the "chose your language" screen altogether.

Then, once you're in the next screen will have buttons for $20- $100 in $20 increments. which will be like the "fast cash" button you used to press, before you got the the fast cash menu, which oddly only had $40 $80 $100 as choices. once you press that it spits out your money and your card, then has two choices, I'm finished and would like a receipt and I'm finished and I do not want a receipt. As it is now, fast cash ends and says thanks bye, but personally I like to press a button to end my transaction, so I know I'm not walking away with my account open. also, saves you time asking for the receipt in this step rather than at the beginning.

Under the fast cash buttons, which pull the cash from your checking automatically without asking you where you want it from, there will be your other choices: withdrawal savings, withdrawal checking, deposit and check balance. From there it's business as usual for the lame-o's that do their banking at the ATM. Hey jerk face! the bank is open and there's no lines! go in and talk to a person rather than wasting my time at the ATM!!

So that's my ATM idea. I hate pushing 20 buttons and seeing 5 screens just to get $20.

My next rant is on this Lemon Chicken I just ordered. This place has dry chicken and then they put the sauce on after. Which is fine i guess but hey asshole, I didnt order steamed rice because I like it plain. Pour some of that lemony goodness on my dry ass rice too.

ok that's it. see you Friday.
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