Jul 21, 2009

A death in the family.

For those of you expecting a Friday Photo Blog last week, I'm sorry to say that out beloved cat Piglet, whom I've blogged about on many occasions passed away Thursday night. As some of you may remember back in August of last year he got very sick. Since then we'd been taking care of him and giving him pills twice a day. We thought moving into our new house in September would freak him out and make him worse, but the hardwood floors, and more space to run around awarded him a very happy, fun, and energetic last year to his life.

Thursday I came home from work and he was lying on the floor in the doorway to the bedroom, an unusual spot for him to stop and hand out. Then he belted out a very uncomfortable meow. A meow he gives when something is wrong. He was panting heavily like he did when he got sick nearly 11 months earlier. I called meg and then noticed his back leg wasnt working which meant he had thrown a clot. It's what the doctor said would happen eventually. This is a sign that his sickness had taken its course and was now terminal.

Meg came home and we knew we had to do what we had planned since last year. The only humane thing, to put him to sleep. We packed him in his crate one last time and took him in to the emergency vet and said our goodbyes.

This shit sucks and has been hard on both of us, but mostly for Meg, who nursed him as a wild kitten and pretty much has been the only human, or animal he showed affection for. The house feels empty.

We didnt waste any time tho, we've picked out 2 kittens to adopt, Franklin and Rocko. We pick them up on Saturday. They look alike but arent brothers. They were fostered together and have become buddies so we didn't want to take one without the other.

here's the kittens (we changed Cowboys name to Franklin)

So as we welcome our new arrivals, we must say rest in peace to Piggy. He lived a long and happy 17 years.

You'll have to wait till Friday for photo Friday.


T said...

Aww man, I wanna cry about Piglet.. that's hard as fuck.
Glad you and Meg didn't waste time.. a new kitty is the best way to heal.
Sorry for your loss, but happy for you guys for your new kitties..very cute

jimbizzle said...

Dude... That sucks. Sorry for the loss.

It looks like the new kittens will be lots of fun though.

Anonymous said...

A new kitty is the best way to heal....

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