Jul 10, 2009

Some Friday Shit.

The FULL DECK skate art show was totally kick ass. here's some pics from that.

Here's my temp workstation. Two monitors!! woot.

look what some douchebag did while I slept cozy in my bed.

Mind the Gap, and the 3rd rail. I'm a BARTer now.

Go Giants! holy crap.

RC is better than Coke and Pepsi, even with Fructose. Sorry RC i forgot all about you.

This was on my door the other day. They got this Armageddon thing down.

BART Unibomber mode.

Buddha gonna go play some tennis.

Later. oh yea, my art is gonna be up for another month at Spoontonic if you havent checked it out yet, you should. Google Spoontonic lounge walnut creek. also, go to the Bedford gallery in Walnut Creek, google that too.


Moderator said...

Fuck RC! Coke is the snaps. Hey guess what? Ran across another Pee Pants mention on my font hunts...
they even link your domain too. Nice.

GrahamPhisher.com said...

you got your name on a wall! thts hella sick...

Im still tryin to get my line out, its goin slowly check it out though...