Jul 30, 2009

Bartventures part 2.

It happened again yesterday. Being short on Bart fare and not having cash. (read next post) and of course it just happened to be the same lady working. I dont think she remembered me, and must have just taken a good shit or something because she wasnt a total bitch this time.

I wonder if those people are so butt-hurt all the time because they're bout to go on strike... Hey I got an idea. Hows about you shut the fuck up? At least you have a job! Go get laid off and you'll take your old not-good-enough Bart job back in a heartbeat.

anyway, there was a train operator the other day that sucked at English. I dont even know what his native tongue was but I was almost not even cohesive sentence structure.

-decipher this "Dabadikko Chan... Dabadigo bonchan.. "
that's what he sounded like - translation : "San Francisco train, San Francisco bound train"

"Yaba get szach'n " In the Earth language I speak: "Lafayette Station"
then when we got to Macarthur, he explained that it was a transfer station.. here's what that sounded like.... " IOsdopihoieohid890*(*^(uijkd hlks jd dkuhsiu3d iu xxxx fiud87gbd"

and like I said before I didn't really recognize the accent. He was like from Neptune or something.

ok that's my rant for now. oh and my new font, Blog, The Impaler debuted at #89 in the top 100. keep em comin!


T said...

HILARIOUS..keep the Bartventures coming!

Unknown said...

Wonderful..... That is your great idea,
Thanks for sharing...

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