Jul 24, 2009

Rusty Bar Pipes

Here's your damn photo Friday.

thanks dude.

working on a logo for a band. a cookie if you can read it.

doodle's are back

"be a flirt, lift your skirt" truckers dont give a fuck

random elevator find.

theater next door to the office I'm working at. pretty rad.

double urinal cakes.

Uhm, how about NO?

aliens invaded this McDonalds register.

Oakland, yea that's right.


Steve shredding in Shitty's backyard pool. I realized that I dont particularly like skating pools. Sorry Dog Town.

Holy July rainbow batman.

that's me!

My 4 year old nephew got a transformer for his birthday. I was stoked to play with it since i hadnt transformed a transformer since 3rd grade. Holy fuck they are difficult now. there's no way in hell this thing should be recommended for ages 5 and up. It took me 15 minutes to transform and then 13 seconds for Xander to break the arms off and get bored with it. "Make it a robot!!" so I transform it back then "NOOOO I WANT IT TO BE A CAR!!" ugg.

Seriously people? He died like 3 weeks ago.

I'm a Barter.

later, see you next week. We pick up Rocko and Franklin tomorrow!


jimbizzle said...

Ketchup and fries chips? I'm gonna barf!

Anonymous said...

I am hungry, give me this ketchup and frie. hmmmmm


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