Jul 28, 2009

Just one more thing to piss me off.

Why the fuck doesn't the BART station have the add-fare machines that take debit cards on the inside of the gates? Last week I came into my station a few bucks short, and with no cash. I use the outside machine to buy a $20 ticket with my debit cart, that lasts me most of the week, but when I get down to the end of that ticket I'm fucked. Silly me, I assumed that ALL the machines took debit cards, but NOOO! they dont. they make it so I have to fuck up bitchy-ass Bart lady's day.

I tell her what happened and she rolls her eyes and huffs her stupid ass out of her booth. "how short are you?" ugg I don't fucking know just put debit accepting fare machines in here so you can go back to picking your fat ass. Why is shit so fucking lame?

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