Jan 27, 2010

HOLY FUCK ( 圣地他妈的 )

NO this isnt about the iPad. apparently it sucks ass. Apple all up on their high horse thinking they dont need USB, Flash or multitasking. pfft.

as if.. anyway it's about some comments I got on one particular post of my Fantasy Menu blog. I was scrolling casually like I do everyonceinawhile and noticed this one post had 157 comments. 157?! no one even reads that shit let alone comment on it. I was all excited man people must really be into this post about a Fantasy item i made up called "The Everything" which is:
2 buns soaked in Dr.Pepper and then grilled, 4 mustard cooked patties, animal toppings, plus animal fries, 8 slices of cheese, extra sauce, extra pickles, extra raw and well done grilled onions, with a deep fried bun between the patties and cheese. all of this topped with well done fries and chocolate shake drizzled over the whole thing (will substitute for vanilla or strawberry)

if you order this to-go it just comes dumped into a bag. then triple bagged for leakage.
But it wasnt, it was a bunch of Japanese. literally. check out the screenshot or check it out here. At first I was thinking like maybe it was aliens trying to communicate to earth but then I noticed something interesting. It wasnt a bunch of anonymous posters, it was actual accounts...but in Japanese (or some other Asian language with kanji characters maybe Chinese) . So this got me wondering if it was some kind of actual conversation going on between Japan people. But why the obsession with my blog? Maybe they arent even talking about my blog. Maybe... maybe it's Asian mafia or something using my blog comment, hidden away in the far reaches of the internet where no one goes. ( sad ) Maybe it's some kind of spy network communications? Yeah maybe, because Google said they wouldn't censor the internet in China. and Blogger is Google.

Shit I'm a fucking genius. I need to call someone. wait, maybe it's just spam.

can anyone read it? My translator site only translates parts of it and it still doesnt make sense.

UPDATE, clicked one of the use profiles, its Japanese porn. thanks internet.

Jan 22, 2010

Zombie Apocalypse

How many dead in Haiti? too many. Where do zombies come from? that's right Haiti. I think we got ourselves a possible zombie apocalypse problem on our hands.

I kid, I kid... that's some fucked up shit seriously tho.

just in case tho, be prepared for zombies. here's some stupid pictures I took.

rock & roll fuck you. (damn i have jacked ass fingers)
oh yea, we have a show at Time Out in concord tomorrow (Sat) night.

interesting. i had to buy it. it was pretty good.

new shoes


this was in some SkyMall like catalog.


all my life and i never pulled off to check out this Vista Point.

G-Tech got their signs. (with the logo I designed) but the retard sign company fucked up 3 out of 4 signs. proofread you fucking morons. in large 4" tall vinyl letters it read "Check engine LIGTH" and "...Air conditioning and HEATHER repair" this kind of shit really pisses me off.

good 'ol lake Martinez skatepark.

this was on the wall in Sergio's back yard when he bought his house. Of course you leave something like that up.
This one is courtesy of Steve. MMMM nothing like a good slathering of donkey milk to keep your skin silky smooth.

Someone is starting to get excited about LOST coming back Feb. 2nd. here's a LOST theme I made for my Blackberry Tour.

and remember that skateboard thing I was doing? I posted up some new decks for sale.

all my original art.

heh... go figure I post a Photo Friday, actually on a Friday. See you next week some time.

oh and...

Jan 19, 2010

Couple of things that annoyed me this morning.

Ok, things still piss me off but lately I've been hooked on the Facebook and most of my angry quips end up there. I'm gonna try to utilize this blog more for rants again, rather than just stupid photos of lameness.

Here's a couple things that annoyed me this morning. Since I'm the best boyfriend in the world I take meg to the Bart station in the mornings. Especially on stupidly rainy days like today so she doesnt have to walk across the parking lot in the downpour. Anyway, on my drive back I heard this radio commercial I hear all the time now. It's for Chase bank advertising their new program that allows parents to track their teen's purchases. It's not the teens money mind you, this is more like a digital way of giving your daughter $20 to go out with friends. Except, its YOUR checking account. In theory I guess this isnt a bad idea but the commercial for it irritates me.

The ad starts out with the dad saying something "dad" like "be careful, have fun at the mall" and the daughter replies "sure dad, I have my Chase debit card so I'll be fine" or something lame and "teen" like that. then you hear a reminder on his phone or something and a recorded voice says "a purchase for $20 was just made from your checking account" . Then the dad calls the daughter to interrogate her about spending $20. Then he asks what she bought at "Teen Hottie" for $20 and she blows it off with "oh, that? yea I took it back, I saw three girls in the food court wearing the exact same thing. Teen Hottie is SOOOO last week" as if that's a good enough explanation. Your daughter is a slut who hasnt learned the value of the dollar, who now knows she has to lie and sneak around her over protective father. Ahh the teen years!

Now, where I have issue with this isnt the stupid whore daughter but the father. If you cant trust your kid with money, why the fuck are you giving her access to your account via her own debit card? Either you suck it up and deal with the fact that teens spend money like it's water they drink energy drinks, or you dont give your kid a god damned debit card. What is so wrong with fucking cash anymore? Which reminds me of those debit card commercials where the guy with cash holds up the line.

"will that be cash credit or debit?"
"hmmm debit I guess... slides card"
.......... "sir"
" yes?"
"enter your pin" ...
"oh yea ok" beep beep beep beep
"thank you"
"would you like cash back?"
"oh no thanks"
"uh oh, seeems you entered the wrong pin try it again"
this can go on forever.

yeah this bullshit is faster than cash my ass. If you really wanted to save people time you'd hire more checkers, stop accepting checks and stop printing fucking coupons.

Ok, deep breath. Moving on, I then saw this bumper sticker that said "Darwin is Dead and he ain't coming back"

I fucking hate christian retards. Yea, damn since I believe in evolution I'm totally offended. Darwin is dead because he is a human being, and SCIENCE tells us that humans are mortal. (mortal means they die) Jesus is fucking dead too you stupid brain fucked christian. Way to advertise your stupidity.

OK that's my rant for this month. see you in spring or some shit.

Jan 17, 2010

he goes to prison....

I went on a tour of San Quentin Prison yesterday, and saw some rad shit. Unfortunately you cant bring anything with you in there, so no pics.

In the chow hall there's 3 walls, like 15 ft high and 100 feet long with these awesome monochromatic painted murals on each side of them 6 murals total. the story is that they wanted art on these new huge walls they put up to section off the inmates back in the 50's. they had a contest and inmates could submit work, a reluctant Alfredo Santos's art, which was until then pencil and pen sketches, was submitted by his boss in the shop he was working in and his art was chosen.

He spent the last 6 months of his remaining 9 months left on his sentence for smuggling heroin painting these. He said he finished early, because he thought that if he didnt finish in time, they'd make him stay and finish it.

"epic" doesn't even begin to describe how rad this was in person.


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Jan 11, 2010

Hey! It's monday

I really do suck at blogging. I'm sorry. here's some pictures anyway.

this place was in Benicia. read what it says.

new skaterboard!

it's a miracle! virgin mary appeared to me in smudged bird shit on my windshield.

TV's over urinals? Brilliant!

arty doodle.


logo and business card I created for a friends business.

as if i didnt need more, I got the Wizard of Oz pez set.

ok gnarnies... I have to go sue a tow truck company.

have a great week.