Jan 27, 2010

HOLY FUCK ( 圣地他妈的 )

NO this isnt about the iPad. apparently it sucks ass. Apple all up on their high horse thinking they dont need USB, Flash or multitasking. pfft.

as if.. anyway it's about some comments I got on one particular post of my Fantasy Menu blog. I was scrolling casually like I do everyonceinawhile and noticed this one post had 157 comments. 157?! no one even reads that shit let alone comment on it. I was all excited man people must really be into this post about a Fantasy item i made up called "The Everything" which is:
2 buns soaked in Dr.Pepper and then grilled, 4 mustard cooked patties, animal toppings, plus animal fries, 8 slices of cheese, extra sauce, extra pickles, extra raw and well done grilled onions, with a deep fried bun between the patties and cheese. all of this topped with well done fries and chocolate shake drizzled over the whole thing (will substitute for vanilla or strawberry)

if you order this to-go it just comes dumped into a bag. then triple bagged for leakage.
But it wasnt, it was a bunch of Japanese. literally. check out the screenshot or check it out here. At first I was thinking like maybe it was aliens trying to communicate to earth but then I noticed something interesting. It wasnt a bunch of anonymous posters, it was actual accounts...but in Japanese (or some other Asian language with kanji characters maybe Chinese) . So this got me wondering if it was some kind of actual conversation going on between Japan people. But why the obsession with my blog? Maybe they arent even talking about my blog. Maybe... maybe it's Asian mafia or something using my blog comment, hidden away in the far reaches of the internet where no one goes. ( sad ) Maybe it's some kind of spy network communications? Yeah maybe, because Google said they wouldn't censor the internet in China. and Blogger is Google.

Shit I'm a fucking genius. I need to call someone. wait, maybe it's just spam.

can anyone read it? My translator site only translates parts of it and it still doesnt make sense.

UPDATE, clicked one of the use profiles, its Japanese porn. thanks internet.

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