Jan 22, 2010

Zombie Apocalypse

How many dead in Haiti? too many. Where do zombies come from? that's right Haiti. I think we got ourselves a possible zombie apocalypse problem on our hands.

I kid, I kid... that's some fucked up shit seriously tho.

just in case tho, be prepared for zombies. here's some stupid pictures I took.

rock & roll fuck you. (damn i have jacked ass fingers)
oh yea, we have a show at Time Out in concord tomorrow (Sat) night.

interesting. i had to buy it. it was pretty good.

new shoes


this was in some SkyMall like catalog.


all my life and i never pulled off to check out this Vista Point.

G-Tech got their signs. (with the logo I designed) but the retard sign company fucked up 3 out of 4 signs. proofread you fucking morons. in large 4" tall vinyl letters it read "Check engine LIGTH" and "...Air conditioning and HEATHER repair" this kind of shit really pisses me off.

good 'ol lake Martinez skatepark.

this was on the wall in Sergio's back yard when he bought his house. Of course you leave something like that up.
This one is courtesy of Steve. MMMM nothing like a good slathering of donkey milk to keep your skin silky smooth.

Someone is starting to get excited about LOST coming back Feb. 2nd. here's a LOST theme I made for my Blackberry Tour.

and remember that skateboard thing I was doing? I posted up some new decks for sale.

all my original art.

heh... go figure I post a Photo Friday, actually on a Friday. See you next week some time.

oh and...

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