Jan 17, 2010

he goes to prison....

I went on a tour of San Quentin Prison yesterday, and saw some rad shit. Unfortunately you cant bring anything with you in there, so no pics.

In the chow hall there's 3 walls, like 15 ft high and 100 feet long with these awesome monochromatic painted murals on each side of them 6 murals total. the story is that they wanted art on these new huge walls they put up to section off the inmates back in the 50's. they had a contest and inmates could submit work, a reluctant Alfredo Santos's art, which was until then pencil and pen sketches, was submitted by his boss in the shop he was working in and his art was chosen.

He spent the last 6 months of his remaining 9 months left on his sentence for smuggling heroin painting these. He said he finished early, because he thought that if he didnt finish in time, they'd make him stay and finish it.

"epic" doesn't even begin to describe how rad this was in person.


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Unknown said...

I got a buddy who's knows that mural all too well. Still, I heard it's pretty rad. Btw, that Giants hat is fresh. It's the only acceptable one besides the regular game day one. Nothing drives me ape shit crazy more than blue/green/red/puke colored Giants hats. So, kudos.