Jan 19, 2010

Couple of things that annoyed me this morning.

Ok, things still piss me off but lately I've been hooked on the Facebook and most of my angry quips end up there. I'm gonna try to utilize this blog more for rants again, rather than just stupid photos of lameness.

Here's a couple things that annoyed me this morning. Since I'm the best boyfriend in the world I take meg to the Bart station in the mornings. Especially on stupidly rainy days like today so she doesnt have to walk across the parking lot in the downpour. Anyway, on my drive back I heard this radio commercial I hear all the time now. It's for Chase bank advertising their new program that allows parents to track their teen's purchases. It's not the teens money mind you, this is more like a digital way of giving your daughter $20 to go out with friends. Except, its YOUR checking account. In theory I guess this isnt a bad idea but the commercial for it irritates me.

The ad starts out with the dad saying something "dad" like "be careful, have fun at the mall" and the daughter replies "sure dad, I have my Chase debit card so I'll be fine" or something lame and "teen" like that. then you hear a reminder on his phone or something and a recorded voice says "a purchase for $20 was just made from your checking account" . Then the dad calls the daughter to interrogate her about spending $20. Then he asks what she bought at "Teen Hottie" for $20 and she blows it off with "oh, that? yea I took it back, I saw three girls in the food court wearing the exact same thing. Teen Hottie is SOOOO last week" as if that's a good enough explanation. Your daughter is a slut who hasnt learned the value of the dollar, who now knows she has to lie and sneak around her over protective father. Ahh the teen years!

Now, where I have issue with this isnt the stupid whore daughter but the father. If you cant trust your kid with money, why the fuck are you giving her access to your account via her own debit card? Either you suck it up and deal with the fact that teens spend money like it's water they drink energy drinks, or you dont give your kid a god damned debit card. What is so wrong with fucking cash anymore? Which reminds me of those debit card commercials where the guy with cash holds up the line.

"will that be cash credit or debit?"
"hmmm debit I guess... slides card"
.......... "sir"
" yes?"
"enter your pin" ...
"oh yea ok" beep beep beep beep
"thank you"
"would you like cash back?"
"oh no thanks"
"uh oh, seeems you entered the wrong pin try it again"
this can go on forever.

yeah this bullshit is faster than cash my ass. If you really wanted to save people time you'd hire more checkers, stop accepting checks and stop printing fucking coupons.

Ok, deep breath. Moving on, I then saw this bumper sticker that said "Darwin is Dead and he ain't coming back"

I fucking hate christian retards. Yea, damn since I believe in evolution I'm totally offended. Darwin is dead because he is a human being, and SCIENCE tells us that humans are mortal. (mortal means they die) Jesus is fucking dead too you stupid brain fucked christian. Way to advertise your stupidity.

OK that's my rant for this month. see you in spring or some shit.

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