Jan 11, 2010

Hey! It's monday

I really do suck at blogging. I'm sorry. here's some pictures anyway.

this place was in Benicia. read what it says.

new skaterboard!

it's a miracle! virgin mary appeared to me in smudged bird shit on my windshield.

TV's over urinals? Brilliant!

arty doodle.


logo and business card I created for a friends business.

as if i didnt need more, I got the Wizard of Oz pez set.

ok gnarnies... I have to go sue a tow truck company.

have a great week.


Heather said...

The virgin mary is really freaking me out.

Pamela said...

WTF, you need to alert CNN to your Virgin Mary.

You could have shellacked it, and then sold your windshield on Ebay...you'd probably get a fortune for it.

Anonymous said...


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