Jan 2, 2010

two thousand ten.

Since I suck at blogging now, you didnt get a year-in-review noggin for 2009. Instead you get a belated photo friday. But I will give you this, 2009 sucked my saggy, hairy, stinky balls.

here's your photos.

ok so I'm at the bank to deposit a check and these two knuckleheads are in line before me. The guy on the right is getting change for what seems like a business. ones fives tens.... dimes, nickels... so that's taking forever, then the dude on the left hucks a huge bag on to the counter..."do you cash rolls of change" uuugg!! there's one other teller but this lady who was hovering around the line was waiting for her because she needed banking en espanol. they seemed to be getting on fairly well so I waited patiently for them to finish. The latina woman leaves and as I'm waiting for the signal from the teller that I'm next she shuts down her station and heads to the break room. WHAT THE FUCK?! this bitch has the nerve to leave me and the line out the door that's formed behind me hanging? oh no she didnt. ... but, she did. she never came back and I had to wait for the teller to count out who knows how much money in dimes and shit. Happy fucking new year to you too fucking cunt bank teller bitch.

first self portrait of 2010

Celeste turned 15.

this awesome piece of artwork was in this Jehovah Witness booklet that they gave out door-to-door. I never usually get this far with them because I'm a secular heathen asshole to these fucks but Celeste's friend humored them for 10 minutes. score!

i got mail! more stalefish boards and some stickers and a shirt. mrry chrstms
the other board will make sense in a minute.

My S&B secret santa package finally came!

...from the dirty south.
here's my dirty souths.

I arted!

new hat!

dad deep fried xmas dinner.

Jer & Steph got the kittens a pirate ship. they love it! shiver me timbers!

nothing like sucking on jesus.

or sucking on a horehound.

and make sure you get fitted for the new year. tell them how you really feel.
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happy new year.

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