Aug 1, 2008

I'm a Homo-

-wner.. That's right, we got the keys to our new house yesterday. It's been a crazy couple of months learning and dealing with all the shit it takes to get a house, and figuring out all the shit that's going down in the real estate market right now.

The house needs some love but heres a couple pics of the place.

here's some pics of other things. sorry. My life is so routine now that I'm running out of shit to take photos of that you havent seen all ready.

tree's in line for the "kirk's penis look alike contest"

Spectator at the "kirk's penis look-alike contest".

Thanks for the heads up Jack!

The new rules at the skate park SUCK. "No turns?" really cramping my style.

see you guys over there ----->

Worst. Horse. Trail .Ever.

alright chicklets, thats all I got. Make sure to check doodle suicide boy for this weeks new cartoon!


Heather said...

Lovin' the home photos! Very cute! I bet the commute is going to suck ass though.

jimbizzle said...

Congratz on the new home! Now all you'll be able to talk to your friends about is the upgrades you've done.