Aug 5, 2008

Sarah & Vinnie?

So, judging by the stats, it looks like we got some Alice listeners reading the noggins. Just thought I'd share my thoughts on what the big news for the morning show was now that No Name is gone.


Vinnie got fired like 6 years ago because he was a drunk. In what I think was a lack of anything better, they brought him back. He's clean and sober now with his demons in a full nelson, and back on 97.3 along side Sarah.

ok, so at first I was like WTF? Vinnie? ok, so much for NEW.. but I'm warming up to him again. And what I've realised is that its not the lack of No Name that makes me feel like something is missing still. Its MATTY. I'm not 100% but if he was the one responsible for the little sound bites and who's human contestant clips that were played ever so perfectly to go with whatever conversation was happening, then I miss Matty.

There was a moment today during a conversation that I had to play "GAY /ball" in my head.

And as for Jan. I know she's trying. and she might be a genius off the air, but on-air she seriously lacks something. Half the time she forgets to turn on her mic and today she read an email and it sounded worse than the interns reading Word of the Day.

Vinnie rocks. bring back funny sounders. And every time Sara says "no one wants to hear this, its boring" I'm usually cracking up or on the edge of my seat.

I'm cool with the Vinnie and Sarah show. But it will never be the same as the good ol' days.

PS: Alice still sucks once the morning show ends.


Anonymous said...

I miss both No Name AND Matty. And I've TRIED repeatedly to listen with Vinnie, but can't. IMO, he was far FUNNIER when he had a drinking/drug problem; now that he's clean and sober he's just so b o r i n g.....

Anonymous said...

PS: have you noticed how LAZY the show has gotten, too? It's really just Sarah and Vinnie reading news stories or celebrity gossip - with very few (if any) in-studio guests - and they even "take a break during the 9:00 hour and just play music. LAME!

matty said...

Thanks for the props...and you know damn well I did the sfx:)
-The real Matty