Aug 13, 2008

Kids these days. part 2

I witnessed this yesterday.

I'm one car back from the light in the left hand turn lane on San Pablo Ave. in Oakland on my way home from work. San Pablo is a main road with 4-5 lanes of traffic. This particular intersection has working crosswalk signs as well. Since my left turn light is red the opposite lane has a green light and traffic is passing by at full speed in both lanes.

I see two 5th or 6th grade girls approach the corner. Instead of stopping and waiting for the 'walk' sign they just step off the curb right into traffic. They play Frogger through the cars till they get to the island in the middle of the street. Right after they get to the island, my left turn light turns green. They still try to cross as the car in front of me starts to go but they cant get by. Then as I pass the girls, one of them gives me a rude look and says "Damn stupid ass cars"

WHAT?! So you're impatient, unsafe, rude, self entitled and you have a mouth like a sailor?

You mean to tell me that 5 lanes of traffic is supposed to stop so your fat, ghetto, Cheetos eating, ass can get across? EXCUSE ME!! Everyone, stop your commute to we can wait for the Earth to revolve around these two little bitches.

Fuck man. what the hell is happening to kids these days? It just baffles me. No respect.

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-dedicated to the late Bernie Mac.

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