Aug 7, 2008

So my latest obsession on the interneters is this site (the customer is)

If you have ever worked retail, or customer service you've learned one thing about people. they are fucking stupid. There never was a day that I wasn't surprised at how dumb a functioning adult could be.

Not Always Right is a blog where people send in thier stories about dealing with the door knobs of society, the customer.

here's one from yesterday:

America’s Debt Crisis, Explained

Credit Card Customer Service | Tampa, FL, USA

Me: “Thank you for calling cardholder service, how may I help you?”

Customer: “You sent me a bill. Why?”

Me: “May I please have your card number?”

Customer: “I threw it away when the balance was gone.”

Me: “Um… can I have your social security number?”

Customer: *gives number*

Me: “I show your current balance is $10,027.31, due on 07/25/2008. Would you like to make a payment today so you do not get a late fee?”

Customer: “What do you mean? Why did you send me a bill?”

Me: “Sir, because you purchased those items you are required to repay the account.”

Customer: “No. You gave me the money, so I spent it.”

Me: “A credit card is a short term loan. You are required to pay it back.”

Customer: “No, I’m not!” *click*

(This is the third call like this in the past month.)
- bask in all of its glory. be amazed at how can people be so stupid...not just stupid but like, rude, stubborn and stupid!


Anonymous said...

And they update it week-daily! I, too, am completely in awe and in love with that damn site!

jimbizzle said...

That's good stuff. Thanks for the link.

Heather said...

I've been hooked on and .... same concepts, exploiting dumb people

Anonymous said...

For someone who works in customer service and has plenty of his own horror stories to tell, I can appreciate the existance of a site like that one. The problem is that I would appreciate it quite a bit more if it wasn't so damned obvious that the majority of the stories that are posted to it are blatantly bullshit.