Aug 8, 2008

PHo ThO frY daY TIME

What a long week. every day we've been out to the house working on stuff till like 10:00. I'm a tired little chicken.

here's some of this.

Sir Linus Willaby

some of the awesome craftsmanship we've been uncovering.

tools of the trade (miller lite not included)
for the record I opted for a case of diet grape Shasta.
i don't recommend it

closed? but i wanted to watch it wash

Down the street from our new place we discovered the glory that is WinCo!
holy shit (in a good way)

this is the passive aggressive way to say "please stop stealing soda and candy"

cheesy beefy .. thanks cow!


ok thats all bizneeches. be sure to check the new doodle suicide boy.

oh speaking of suicide and the internet. Have you heard about the mom who made a fake myspace page and then bullied a teen so bad she ended up killing herself? yea, well, sincethere was no real law in her state against "cyber bullying" they've come up with a more sneaky and potentially precedent setting way to bust her.

The Justice Department has blundered terribly in this case. By reaching for the same statute used to prosecute computer hackers, this indictment has turned the law into a blunt legal instrument that turns every violation of a site's terms of service into a federal crime. ...more from ABC News
Basically, this would make what she did, using a fake name to create an on line account, a Federal pound-you-in-the-ass Crime. I call that reaching. So, while it sucks someone died, this is not the way to procecute this one.

Watch your asses cyberpunks.

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Heather said...

I LOVE WINCO!!! Bet you didn't know they started in Boise, Idaho and are still headquartered here. See, Idaho does produce good things other than potatoes.