Sep 29, 2008


Saturday my dad and uncle and aunt came over. my uncle and dad helped me remove the old counter top and put in a new one. Nothing fancy just newer and a different color. I got paint on the walls in the kitchen to cover that hideous mint color. But now we're not sure of the color we chose. It's a taupey brownish color but the way the light hits in there, its kind of a non-color. It's like any hue value it had in the hardware store got sucked out and its just this non-descript blah. maybe once we get the trim and cabinets painted white it will pop more. oh well. While my uncle was there helping he mentioned that he won tix for the last Giants game of the season yesterday against the Dodgers but couldnt go so he gave the tickets to us. Thanks!

It was cool even though they totally suck and the Dodgers already clinched the division. But the Giants won, and their pitcher, rookie phenom Tim Lincecum K'd 13 Dodgers and broke the season strike out record with 265 strike outs. With 18 wins that puts him in 5th for wins. Hopefully enough to earn the Cy Young.

It was a rad game. Lots of highlights. It was more than likely Omar Vizquel's last game as a Giant so he got a big standing ovation when they took him out of the game.

They made a really big deal about managing general partner Peter Moagown retiring. He was pivotal in keeping the Giants in San Francisco when there was threat they'd move to Florida and Canada. So it was pretty cool.

Also Inflielder Kevin Frandsen who had a promising rookie year last year tore his achelies in spring training and, missed out on what was supposed to be his year to shine. He was out all season and got a surprise at-bat late in the game. Again to a rousing applaud from the crowd.

It was "fan appreciation day" but I didn't feel appreciated. If they gave stuff out at the gate we missed it. It was a super sold-out crowd and we got there as the national anthem was going. They had prizes throughout the game but we didn't win anything. They announced the winners on the scoreboard by seat number and section and it was really frustrating seeing all these prizes going to the high price seats with hardly any for nose bleeds or cheaper seats.

4 finalists, 2 of which were from the Field Club section. (pfft) got to take a chance at starting one of these Rav 4s.

Towards the end of the game local Channel 2 news Traffic guy Sal Castaneda sat down in front of us! That was kinda cool since we've always been big fans of Sal. I was to chicken to say anything to him tho. I snuck this spy photo of the back of his huge melon.
we made eye contact once and I gave him a nod. He smiled and nodded back. we had a moment.

After the game we sat in the parking lot for like an hour waiting for traffic to clear up. It was still a nice day in the city. Meg saw this insane fog bank coming over the hills so we went looking for it.

We ended up going through Pacifica and down the coast almost to Santa Cruz!

The whole day was just a nice break from the house stuff and meg's school stuff. I'd say a nice battery charger for sure.

Monday. GO!

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ha! Sal Castaneda is my dawg!