Sep 5, 2008

The Internet!

is great! and I have it now at the new house. Thanks Dustin for helping me get my shit straight.

To totally change the subject, have you heard this Duffy chick? I always just thought she was gonna be just another buzzworthy pop star but I finally heard her shit. Hey Duffy, Amy Winehouse called from rehab (or a crack house somewhere), she wants her retro 60's sound back.

Seriously? Amy Winehouse was pretty refreshing and unique when she came out. even tho i was a little rippoffy, it was pretty original and bold to do in 2007. But then she gets all fucked up and (this is what i think) some douche exec. from whatever label swoops in and dresses this cute blonde brittish chick to fill Amy's coked up shoes. As if no one would notice... well, I did.

here's some photos.

here's some pics of la casa. It's coming along...

oooh we could do a caption contest.. or a photoshop this image contest with this one.
Tom is a ..... ??????????????? I need to know!!!

tires were in bad shape.. got new shoes on the B.

there's a "redesign the classic skate decks" thing on S&B, here's a couple I did. posted a couple last week too.


five dollar.

five dollar foot long.

best idea subway ever had.

Ok, we went to Chilis last night. We ended up just ordering ahead and taking it home since it was pretty late. They have this burger called the Oldtimer. It's pretty much perfect because it comes with mustard specifically. no mayo, just mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion. I ordered the old timer and asked to add cheese and bacon. Then the chick on the phone says "oh, so you want the Bacon Burger" .. uhm, NO... I want the Oldtimer with cheese and bacon. I told her I like the Oldtimer because it doesnt have mayo and it just comes with mustard and all the stuff I like, I just want to add bacon and cheese.

She takes my name for the order, I say "Kirk, K I R K" ... "kirk? ok that'll be about 15 mins"

Then I get there and a dude is there to get my food. He brings up my order in the computer and reads it back to me. "ok you had the Eggrolls, quesadilla salad and a Bacon Burger" Out of habit I blankly say "yea" then I realised he said "Bacon Burger" THAT FUCKING BITCH! I tell the dude as he's walking to the kitchen that I ordered an Oldtimer with bacon... he gives me this look like, 'that's a bacon burger'. Then I have to tell him why I like the Oldtimer, which I already had with the hooker on the phone. He tells the cook who had just started making it and it comes out good. But seriously, dont tell me what the fuck I want. I didnt order a Bacon Burger with no mayo, add mustard and onions because its easier to say Oldtimer with cheese and bacon.

So, then I get my reciept and what does it say? KURT what the fuck people? I even spelled it out for you. I hope she chokes on a baby back rib and drives off a cliff.

They didnt even give us forks or napkins. I hate that place.


jimbizzle said...

I'm down for the "Tom is a" game!

Anonymous said...

well you got it all wrong about Duffy, she recorded her album over a four year period and only got signed by a record company last year after the album was done. Winehouse is the Brit school, record company manufactured article ... but then she went off the rails ...oh tough.