Sep 9, 2008

End of the world part 12

Earlier on in the life of the noggins and over the years, I've posted signs of the apocalypse. This time, there's a pretty good chance of the world pretty much ending. So says critics of the "Big Bang" experiment that is starting this week.

I dont know much about the actual science of it but its a big crazy machine thats gonna try to recreate the Big Bang. In a lab. Some think that it's gonna open a portal to another dimension. I've seen Hellraiser and Event Horizon, I hope it doesnt. Some think it will open a black hole. That can't be good either. If you dont know what the Big Bang is, I wont judge you, just please
vote for Obama and everything will be ok.

Once it starts up on Wednesday, scientists plan to smash particle beams together at close to the speed of light inside CERN's tightly-sealed Large Hadron Collider to create multiple mini-versions of the primeval Big Bang.

My local news did a blurb on this this morning. They showed the machine in the lab but was careful to not say "black hole" once. But while they were talking about the scientific benefits there was a CG animation of the earth getting sucked into itsself. I thought that was pretty funny.

UPDATE: i found the video!

Maybe it will be like the History Erase Button seen in this classic Ren & Stimpy episode?

History Eraser Button (Ren and Stimpy) - For more funny videos, click here

Also rattling around in my brain right now, somewhat related to the end of the world is this fucking election. Sarah god damn fucking Palin? She's a lying cheating no good piece of shit... and stupid ass america either is too dumb to see through it, or agrees with all the shit she's done.

good morning Mrs. President, would you like syrup on that baby seal burger?

You know?.. you shouldn't really be allowed to pander to peoples religious beliefs to get votes. It's like, not fair. Shouldnt it be illegal? I mean constituency schamituency, using god to get votes? using god to basically guilt people into voting for you? fucking shit, where does separation of church and state actually end?

But what if I were a REAL conspiracy nut I'd think that the Republicans are going to use the Big Bang machine to take out the sun before Dec 21, 2012. Before it reaches the Black Hole that it will be sucked into on 12/21/12, which in turn will change the axis points of the Earth. Putting Alaska at the equator and the equator in the Antarctic. (source)

It's all part of Sarah Palin's plan to make Alaska a tropical vacation spot and rake in the tourist dollars.

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