Sep 4, 2008

Dish me some TV

So, I never really pictured myself as a satellite dish type of guy, but I am one now. It's part of my AT&T package so whatever. I went from being happy with 74 basic cable channels at my old place to feeling somewhat let down with my new 200 channel Dish Network package. I mean, I guess before I was ok with what I had and made due because it was free. But now, I'm paying for it and I dunno, I feel like I have 200 channels and nothing's on.

I have DVR now tho which could be cool. I havent messed with it yet but the DishNetwork installation guy gave me a heads up.

He said "you can set your DVR to record any show whenever its on... but dont do Oprah, she's on all different channels all the same time all over. She'll freeze up your DVR"

i thought it was funny he said "She" He made it seem like it was her fault, personally. Like Oprah herself comes into my house and resets all my shit like Bob Goulet in that Emerald Nuts commercial. I just got a mental image of Oprah with no makeup like when she's in walk-a-thons, and in all black sweat suit with a black beanie on sneaking around my house pushing buttons maliciously on my remote.

Damn you Oprah freezing up my DVR!


Heather said...

DVRs are the greatest things ever invented. That is all.

dstn pyn said...

damn straight. I still have to run a phone line to your dish box.

chankansin said...

Oprah Winfrey will jam your satellite TV. lols