Sep 12, 2008

Call Larry.

Hey, wow its friday. finally. Here's some photos I took this week.

I saw this on the sidewalk in Oakland downtown. Does this place really exist? its like someone came through a time portal from the early 80's and cleaned out their pockets.
"The Hot Tubs" ... Looks sexy.

now you dont have to buy a whole turkey to get to them tasty necks!
although, it is kind of like cheating. I wonder what isle the wishbones are on.

Remember the mysterious tag from last week "Tom is a...." well, same elevator a week later. "Tiny Tom is (unreadable) true" who is this tom? why is he tiny? why is it true?
is Tom himself editing these messages?

this has to be one of the most disgusting things in life.
seeing someone else's long ass pubic hair. gross.

How this sign happened.
Eric, Starbucks morning manager:"hey Stacy, you can draw pretty good, make us a sign for the Gold Coast, coffee of the week. "
Stacy, part time Barista: "But Eric, I really only know how to draw dragons, cats, pizzas, and dogs in zoot suits."
Eric: "Just do what you can!"

Tea Candy. Its' like those Coffee candies but its sweetened Iced tea. it tastes just like sweet tea! amazing!

I found this mixed with some trash when I was unpacking. I dont know what it was for but I'm tempted to call the number because chances are I wasnt 100% satisfied with whatever it was.

I want to call my band this

speaking of unpacking... things are coming along!


For a low calorie, sugar free Tossed Salad.

for 9-11, lets go on an overpass and cause accidents!

WOAH! does it get in the way when she does root canals?

when you call Larry, tell him to come pick up this trash.

ok that's it. have a crappy weekend.
and when a cashier asks you how you are, lie and say "good"

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Anonymous said...

What's even worse than the pube is the fact that you took the picture BEFORE flushing. I've now seen the hue of your piss. I can die happy.