Aug 22, 2013

All For Not.

I Had a really good job interview Monday. Got a new 'fit, a haircut, beard trimmed, tucked in my shirt... lied my ass off as much as possible without actually lying on my resume. Got Meg to help me write a kick ass cover letter and thank you letter. Charmed the fuck out of the lady interviewing me... who even showed me where my desk would be! 

Got the courtesy call a couple days later that I was the second choice out of a bunch of candidates but didn't get the job. She said it was a hard decision but apparently I had less experience with the job than the other guy who probably lied slightly more than me.  She said if he doesn't work out I'm next in line.  But I cant find "hit-man" in the yellow pages.  

The crappy thing is that I really let myself get my hopes up for this fucking shit and now I'm feeling like ultimate turd barf.   

I'll be crying my sorrows into a bottle of root beer, hostess cupcakes and ice cream sandwiches.

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