Aug 6, 2013

This is why we can't have nice things., the authority on internet debunking has pretty much verified that this is in fact a real test from a real school in, you guessed it, South Carolina.  And I never doubted it for a second. These religious asshats are fucking up our nation's kids. Whats crazy is, what if a private school started teaching math as 2+2 = 5 and so on?  Everyone would be like "that would never happen because then all the kids would end up stupid"

Exactly fuck heads. That's what these bibletarded nutjobs are doing to the future of the world.  I think this goes beyond freedom of speech and freedom of religion and borders on child abuse.

I know in private schools and homeschooling you can teach whatever, but there's gotta be more strict definitions of what "education" is. Sending a child out into the world with backwards, wrong shit in their heads is going to make it difficult for them to adjust. It's not that I don't agree with what they are teaching... it's that reality disagrees.  It's just wrong. Not, it's wrong to steal wrong, but gravity makes things fall to the earth not float wrong. 

Religion is too large a concept for kids to be forced into.  I'll never forget when a friend's daughter, who was in 4th grade or so at a Catholic School, overheard me talking about my atheist views and how there is no god and that I dont believe in jesus... she started crying because she seriously believed that I was going to literally burn in a place called hell, because I didnt believe in jesus. Why the hell does a kid needing that shit in their head?  Now these kids in those freaky christian private schools are going to have to go through life either relearning science, or getting ridiculed for their ideas about the origins of life on earth. We're all born the same, then dumb ass grown-ups go and fuck us up. It's like that with everything, we all want to raise our young in our image, be it, turning them into a racist, a vegan, or a level headed thinker.  I'm glad my parents raised me to think about stuff, and not pigeon-hole me into one way of thinking about the world. Science, logic, fairness, civility and free thought was a big part of my life growing up.  Thanks Mom & Dad!  

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