Aug 14, 2013

Microsoft Customer Service Experience From Hell

Microsoft customer support experience in a nutshell: I'm going to repair your brand new computer that doesn't need to be repaired and tell you I'm going to try to charge you $60 before you even tell me what your problem is. 

Here's how this all started. I bought a product key for Office 2013 from Costco.  I followed the directions and did everything I could possibly think of to get it to work but it kept either saying the key has been activated already, or it would say I don't have Office installed (but I have an icon for it in the start screen?) and says to click a link to install it, but it sends me to the Microsoft store to buy it.  I see a link for "live chat" to get help so I click it.  I'm 80% sure that those online live chat support things are just robots even tho he said his name was Kevin but Kevin couldn't help me so he gave me a customer support number to call. It was totally weird from here on. It rang twice and an Asian lady picked up right away. No automated system, I was feeling good about this so far.But as she started to speak she had one of those accents that were just light enough that I could understand the words she said, but thick enough that it didn't instill any confidence that she understood what I was saying to her. I started explaining my problem but before I finished, she transferred me to her "Supervisor" So I started telling him my problems and he cut me off. He said in a very similar accent but very carefully and rehearsed sounding "ok I am going to help you with your problem. I have to transfer you to my sup.. (he corrects himself) manager" ugg... this sent me right back to the first lady, who asked me to install some random shit which after protest she explained would remotely connect her to my desktop so they could see my settings to fix what was wrong. I was apprehensive but maybe I fucked something up in the 30 minutes I'd had my computer on. Maybe it had something to do with my Microsoft account which I really don't use ever. Then she transferred me back to who she referred to as the "floor supervisor" who then said "ok I'm going to update some settings and download office 2010 for you" and this is where he mentions that it was going to be $60 for the repair. I said "repair what? this is a

BRAND NEW COMPUTER" and he couldn't grasp that I had new product key 2013 not 2010.   As soon as he said $59.99 I told him to stop, I didn't want anything and to disconnect my computer. They're just fucking card readers which is basically like talking to a person looking at a fucking manual. I hate foreign Customer Service. They are probably the same card reading robot on the Live Chat I wonder how many people they bilk out of $60 doing that shit.

I swear to god if i get a fucking bill for that shit. So I do a recovery back to stock, since I only had it a few hours I didnt lose anything, just reset all the account info and stuff having to do with office. I started over with the key following the instructions to the tee. Same crap. I opened the Office that came preinstalled which seems to just be an activation link. It has a choice to buy, activate or try. So I clicked activate and it says that the key has already been activated. So I can only assume that I got a bullshit key or someone at Costco used it and put it back on the shelf, or someone installed it and then returned it. Looking back I should have reported the key to microsoft. Oh well, too late for that, since I just returned it and got a new one, which was wrapped in cellophane. Now that I think about it, the one I had before wasnt wrapped or sealed or anything. I didnt even give it a second thought because it was an item they had to get from the back room. I havent tried the new one yet but I'm sure it will work because it hasnt been opened. But, back to the subject of this post, Microsoft Support is a pile of shit that tries to rip you off.

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