Aug 7, 2013

Foreign or Retarded? Part 2 -PYMHM

PYMHM  -Another classic Post You Might Have Missed from the archives. This time we whisk you back to February 2008, when I still worked in an office. Oh the good ol'days. Everyone has "That person" in their office that just isn't right. 

Back in November I posted this noggin about a dude that worked here who was a little different..

Foreign or Retarded?

They just hired this guy to translate all of our manuals from English to Dutch. So, he's from Dutch or something. Holland right? Somewhere in Europe. anyway. I cant tell if the shit he does is just weird because he's from a different culture or if its because he's a complete dumb ass.

Everyday he passes my cube in the morning and greets me.Nothing wrong with a greeting but the accent in his voice and his over excitement has a faint odor of mentally challenged. I'm sure he's really intelligent because he's trained as an engineer. Enough so that he's translating technical jargon for us.

Last Monday I heard him going cube to cube telling people it was his birthday. then he finally got to my cube. in his Hollish accent he says "Hello, It's my birthday today" and offered me a pre-wrapped carrot cake out of a box of carrot cakes. Now, is this something they do in Holland or is it just that he's a weirdo? Seemed odd.

Since I posted that I remembered there's something that I forgot to mention, or maybe I hadn't realized it yet is that he sucks at computers. Which was kind of cute at first but then started to get on everyone's nerves.

So like I said, he was hired to translate our manuals, which he was good at, but the hugest obstacle for him was that he basically didn't know how to operate a fucking computer. So when everyone around him got sick of showing him how to save documents, or how to edit text in Word. One of his biggest problems was finding a document that he saved but didnt know where he saved it too.

Everyone here started to have this kind of "OK marcel, what is it NOOOW?" attitude, which apparently he couldn't tolerate any more.

Then well, he just snapped. I was out in the shop and saw him talking to one manager, then after I came back to my cube they both go to his cube and he's yelling. Verbally having a meltdown in his goofy accent.

"yeeu cant treat me like dis... yeu treeate me like ehh .. like ehh, nose uppity, like I am some kind of eediot. yadda yadda"

Well dude, you are an idiot. Come back when you learn Windows and Office.

Then he storms to the C.O.O's office and does the same thing. Then the next thing I know he's in his cube taking down his pictures and then left.

Later dude. fuck, its a good thing I don't work at the post office. I could be dead.

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